Bionic 10D Green Slim- ЗЕЛЕН ЛАЗЕР
Green Laser – Bionic 10D Green Slim

Bionic10 D Green Slim is a laser technology that uses cold/low energy laser radiation in the green spectrum of the light wave /532nm/. It offers an innovative and non-invasive body shaping procedure aimed at effective fat removal and girth reduction without the need for surgery, pain and a long recovery period.

What is GREEN LASER - Bionic 10D Green Slim?

Bionic 10D Green Slim is a laser technology using cold /low energy/ laser radiation in the green light wave spectrum /532nm/, offering a non-invasive body slimming procedure designed to remove fat and reduce body circumference without surgery, pain and recovery period .

How does the Bionic 10D Green Slim work?

After the green laser energy passes through the dermis and targets the stubborn fat areas, temporary pores are formed in the fat cells through which the fat lipids are released from inside them, resulting in the cells shrinking to a smaller size, which reduces the circumference and the presence of cellulite. Fat lipids then enter the lymphatic system where they are broken down into free fatty acids and used as energy in the cardiovascular system.

  1. Healthy fat cells
  2. Adipose lipids permeate the membrane of fat cells.
  3. Shrinking of fat cells.

Bionic 10D Green

Who is GREEN LASER - Bionic 10D Green Slim for?

Safe treatment for clients over 18 years of age.

For men and women.

The ideal patient

  • Accumulated subcutaneous fat;
  • No diseases of the internal organs;
  • Healthy, no current illnesses;
  • Willingness to comply with the program.

Treatment areas

  • Belly
  • Hips/Palaces
  • Hips
  • Buttocks
  • Thighs and inner thighs
  • Arms and armpits
  • Calves

Without pain. No surgery. No hospital stay. No recovery period.

No trauma to the skin. No drains. No bruises.

Bionic 10D Green Slim- ЗЕЛЕН ЛАЗЕР

When not to use?

For pregnant women

On skin that is infected, burned or cut, as this may cause discomfort or inflammation. Wait until the infection, burn, or cut has healed before using the laser.

Do not apply on or near cancerous lesions.

In case of skin disease or lack of sensitivity.

In the presence of scars in the treatment areas from previous operations and procedures such as abdominoplasty, caesarean section, liposuction.

In the area of past operations or interventions following trauma: For example, in the knee area in case of ruptured or torn anterior cruciate ligaments.


The following conditions or medications may affect the client’s outcome or impair fat mobilization or metabolic pathways:

  • Steroid drugs that cause weight or girth gain.
  • Diabetes (may prevent or neutralize treatment).
  • Metabolic disorders leading to weight gain or girth.
  • Lymphatic damage (fat mobilization may be inhibited).

Description of the procedure

As a precautionary measure when performing procedures with Bionic10D Green Slim, the client is fitted with special dark protective glasses to block the light.

Between 6 and 10 procedures are performed per area, each lasting up to 30-40 minutes. Their application is two/three times a week depending on the individual needs of each client. Optimal results are expected 1 week after the last manipulation.

Recommended number of procedures:

    • to treat cellulite:
      • 2/3 procedures per week for 60 min, /30 min face and 30 back for the “abdomen” and “thighs” areas/ and 30-35 min for the “butt” area for 3/4 weeks.
      • могат да се направят повече процедури. If necessary, depending on the level of cellulite according to the Nürnberger-Muller Cellulite Classification Scale, more procedures can be done.
    • To reduce the girth:
      • 2/3 treatments per area per week for 3 weeks – 20-30 minutes each side.

BEFORE any procedure, the client must come with clean and dry skin.


In addition to the device treatment, a secondary protocol is implemented that will improve the body’s ability to remove and mobilize the fatty material out of the body.

All clients undergoing Bionic 4D Green Slim treatment must follow the parameters of the secondary protocol, namely:

  • Healthy life style;
  • Hydration of the body;
  • Stimulation of the lymphatic system.



  1. Supplements for detoxification of the body (eg CURVA™);
  2. Minimum 2 liters of water per day;
  3. Moderate physical exercises /at least 15 minutes of walking per day/;
  4. Minimize the intake of alcohol, caffeine, salt;
  5. Maintain a healthy diet. Start each meal with fiber/salads, vegetables, husk, chia…/ Then have the protein and finally in the carbohydrates.

For permanent and healthy weight loss, follow the advice of

by Jessie Inchauspe in her book The Glucose Revolution.

By following the recommended protocol, the patient will stimulate his body’s natural detoxification process, which will ultimately lead to a permanent loss of more inches and an improvement in his health status.

Bionic 10D Green Slim- ЗЕЛЕН ЛАЗЕР


Ensures optimal cell functioning:

  • Consume 2 liters of water daily;
  • Minimize diuretics;
  • Coffee (dehydrates);
  • Alcohol (a toxin, the body will first eliminate it at the expense of fat).
  • If you consume alcohol or coffee, drink a 250ml glass of water immediately afterwards.



  • Light exercises:
  • Daily 15-minute walk;
  • Swimming, water aerobics;
  • Massages (preferably lymphatic massage).



  • Small portions, eating 3-5 times a day.
  • Don’t skip a meal.
  • The last meal should be at least 2 hours before bedtime.

Course of treatment

  • Treat one area 2-3 times a week.
  • 6-10 procedures in a course of treatment.

In conclusion: Cardio is not necessary after therapy to burn fat. To speed up their removal, light physical exercises and a healthy diet, intake of more water and lymphatic massage are recommended.


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