jett plasma lift

Jett Plasma is a modern technology used for tightening and non-surgical skin lifting. It is used for non-surgical blepharoplasty, treatment of under-eye bags, tightening of the skin on the neck and around the mouth, rejuvenation of the hands, as well as the removal of moles, ruptured capillaries, papillomas, and warts.

Unlike many other plasma devices on the market, the Jett Plasma pen uses direct current (DC) rather than alternating current (AC), which allows it to “scan” the skin. This means it is more flexible, can be used on larger stretches. The Jett Plasma Lift uses a quasi-neutral, low-temperature plasma consisting of approximately equal numbers of positive ions and negatively charged electrons. Jett Plasma Lift generates plasma flow, which affects the tissues and causes specific reactions at the cellular level.

This method is unique because it is gentler than the operative one and gives good results and visible effect.

What is the procedure with a Jett Plasma?

Jett Plasma offers a non-surgical alternative to treat many skin conditions. The procedure can be used to:
– Non-surgical eyelid lift (non-surgical blepharoplasty);
– Removal of wrinkles around the mouth and eyes (crow’s feet);
– Removal of papillomas, fibroids, and warts;
– Improving acne scars;
– Reduction of pigment spots;
– Treatment of ruptured capillaries;
– Reduction of stretch marks and sagging skin;
– Lifting and tightening the skin of the face, neck, and body, including lifting eyebrows and crows;
– Treatment of stretch marks;
– Rejuvenation of the hands.

The procedure is quick and painless. No general anesthesia is required and many procedures can be done in less than an hour, with results that can take up to five years.

How many procedures are needed to achieve the desired result?

Non-surgical blepharoplasty and skin rejuvenation usually require only one or two procedures to achieve the desired result. However, most patients respond positively after only one session. You will see results immediately after the procedure. This result will continue to develop in the coming months and may last up to 5 years.