Personalized Facial Therapies

No matter what type of skin you have: dry, oily, normal, it is unique in itself. That is why it needs care created especially for her. Our experts understand this and offer you personalized care that will give your skin exactly what it needs to be healthy, beautiful, and young.

What are personalized facial therapies?

Each personalized therapy begins with a conversation in which our specialists will try to understand how you take care of your skin, what your daily routine is, and what your skin needs. Once they know this, they can choose the best methods and products to take care of your skin.

How does such a therapy work?

Each procedure includes a relaxing massage. It stimulates the muscles of the face, neck, and décolleté to achieve natural lifting and tightening. In addition to massage, our specialists use leading skincare products that give your skin everything it needs to reveal natural radiance and beauty.

The massage, the right cosmetics, and the professionalism of our therapists make the therapy an incomparable, relaxing experience for you while providing first-class care for your skin.

Who are personalized therapies suitable for?

Personalized therapy is suitable for you if:
– You want to nourish and “revive” your skin with products that match its type;
– You want to treat a specific skin problem;
– You want to get advice from a professional who will show you how to properly care for your skin;
– You want to give yourself an hour of relaxation and care for yourself.

Book your personalized therapy class now and enjoy an amazingly relaxing feeling combined with gentle care. Our therapists are waiting for you!