Swelling, heaviness in the body, annoying cellulite! All these things are unpleasant for any woman who not only wants to look good but to also feel that way. And while dealing with them can be difficult without the intervention of a specialist, there is already a procedure that will help you slow down these unpleasant sensations and enjoy a healthy and beautiful body – lymphatic drainage with Rollshaper.

What is a Rollshaper massage?

The principle of operation of roller massage is simple but effective. The wooden rollers of the machine rotate and roll against the desired areas, stimulating the muscles, skin, blood circulation and facilitating the movement of lymph fluid. This procedure can massage the whole body.

During the massage, the lymphatic circulation is accelerated tenfold. Massage effectively affects the entire lymphatic system, improves skin elasticity and metabolism, and reduces lymphatic arrest and tissue swelling. Lymphatic therapy is a very pleasant and effective treatment and is used in both medicine and cosmetology.

What is the function of the lymph nodes?

The function of the lymph nodes is to kill bacteria, strengthen the immune system, filter harmful substances from the body, direct fluid into the body and slow down the flow of lymph. Approximately 2 liters of lymph drain from the lymphatic system into the blood in one day. If the lymphatic system is disturbed due to illness or trauma and the passage of fluid through the body is difficult, edema occurs.

Roller massage helps the proper functioning of the body. The rollers of the machine come into contact with the surface of the skin and stimulate the muscles. Activating the body and stimulating the muscles leads to weight loss and reduced girth. Massage reduces swelling and cellulite.

The infrared lamp in the middle of the drum of the machines increases the effect of the massage by up to 70%. The heat radiated by it penetrates the deeper layers of the skin, warming the body and skin and dilating blood vessels, thus helping to remove deposited toxins.

How the procedure affects your body?

– Improves the lymphatic system and blood circulation;
– Improves intestinal function;
– Improves metabolism;
– Reduces swelling and heaviness in the legs;
– Acts as a prevention of many diseases;
– Reduces the circumference of the waist, hips, legs, and arms;
– Reduces weight;
– Reduces cellulite;
– Enriches muscles with nutrients and oxygen;
– Prepares the body for exercise;
– Accelerates the body’s ability to recover from physical activity;
– Reduces muscle tension and increases muscle performance.

Additional Information:

– The effect of a roll shaper is felt immediately. Before and during the massage you should drink a lot of water because the massage activates the movement of fluids and the body needs more water immediately;
– The initial measurements of each client are recorded to monitor body changes and the effect of the massage BMI, body fat to muscle mass ratio, visceral fat levels, and the number of calories your body needs to function normally daily are also noted;
– The duration of the whole massage is 1 hour;
– During the initial active course (10-15 times) the procedures are performed 3-4 times a week. Some people need several courses, this can be specified individually. To maintain the achieved result, the procedure should be repeated 1-2 times a month.