Мохамед Ибрахим

Mohammed Ibrahim


My name is Mohammed Ibrahim. Kinesitherapist at NeoEffect.
I graduated from NSA – Sofia – 1993, majoring in Kinesitherapy, I am interested in and have worked on a project – Kinesitherapy and Chinese traditional methods for the syndrome “muscle imbalance – weak abdominal muscles”. I have been trained in acupressure. I chose to work for Ms. Diana Petrova because she is an established name in the field of services and beauty care. And I think it’s a challenge for me to be part of her professional team, with which I will succeed in this field. My mission is to maintain a high professional level that meets the brand “Diana Petrova” and the expectations of demanding customers who visit NeoEffect.
The trust of the clients is won with professionalism, self-confidence, and good attitude, which I think I have.

“For me, beauty is an external message with which we express the essence of our soul.”