Diana Koleva

Diana Koleva


My name is Diana Koleva. Beautician in Neo Effect.

The choice to work with Diana Petrova was mutual. The first thing that catches you when you meet her is her constant smile and kind welcome and you somehow imperceptibly touch her incredible professionalism. I chose to work for her because she combines valuable qualities with which she manages to be at the top of the fierce competition in our industry for many years. She is an innovative specialist, manager, secular person, psychologist and friend. The field of aesthetics is a job that allows you to implement constantly evolving technologies. But it is also a challenge to communicate when meeting different clients. Very often they see in themselves problems with which our professional opinion differs. And here our task is not only to determine the right procedure and treatment but also to convince the client that this is best for him. And this is achieved with experience, teamwork, and the many seminars we attend with Diana Petrova.

Our clinic offers a wide range of procedures and some of them are invasive. That is why the trust of the client is extremely important. For me personally, the first impression with which you will greet the client is very important, as well as the individual attitude. To make everyone feel special, to get more than he expected. Smile and professional skills go hand in hand.
The happy customer is the biggest reward for me!

“The more beautiful a woman is, the harder it is to argue with her!”