проверка на кожата
Skin Check – (Scanner Camera)

Every woman has in her cosmetic bag a bunch of products with which she regularly takes care of her skin. But, no matter how special they are, they will not have the desired effect if you do not know what your skin needs.

Proper care starts with knowing your skin well. Determining what type of skin, you have and what are products will help her reveal her full radiance and beauty is the thing that will bring you the desired self-confidence. The skin-check scanner is here to help you with just that.

What is Skin-check?

Skin-check is a scanner camera that is designed to diagnose your skin. With its help, you can not only get to know your skin better but also give us, the experts, the opportunity to offer the best procedure. After your skin-check procedure, you not only know more about your skin type but also have information about its current condition.

Why do you need a skin check?

If you are wondering why to undergo the procedure, it is good to know that it is suitable for anyone who wants to take care of themselves in the best way. Thanks to skin-check we can determine:
– What is the level of hydration of your skin;
– What is its elasticity;
– How much sebum it releases;
– How damaged the skin is by UV rays.

After the procedure, you will know much more about your skin and what are the best ways to take care of it.

Additional information:

– The procedure is non-invasive and painless;
– Can be applied to anyone, regardless of gender and age;
– As the skin changes over time, you can undergo a skin check more than once. If you feel a change in the condition of your skin after the last check, you can book your new skin-check appointment.