Maria Tancheva

Maria Tancheva



My name is Maria Tancheva, and I have been working with clients for a long time, although I have not been in the same position. Now I am a receptionist at a Neoeffect beauty clinic.

I chose to work for Mrs. Petrova because I share her values of professionalism, customer service, and quality service. This job gives me the opportunity to collaborate with and be part of a great team. To see the positive changes in clients after each procedure.

At work, I sometimes face the increasing number of clients for the day and unexpected changes in the schedule, as well as communicating with different types of people. To overcome them, I try to be organized, use my communication skills and be flexible in solving problems. In order to gain the trust of clients, I strive to be courteous and professionally informed in my service. I listen to their problems and wishes and try to offer them the best possible solution for them.

Beauty for me is an expression of individuality and confidence. It may be in a different dimension that affects our inner world or our outer world.

As a receptionist, I strive to help clients feel confident and beautiful both inside and out!

P. P.
Beauty is an expression of individuality and confidence!