Стефания Иванова

Stefaniya Ivanova


Stefaniya Ivanova is a receptionist at the NeoEffect Aesthetic Clinic, and for her, this is not just a profession, but a dream come true. She has a bachelor’s degree in photography and her work in the field of beauty perfectly complements her creative inclinations.
“I chose to work with Diana Petrova because she is a very well-organized person and has an approach to get people around her to go up and forward. Working with her brings me 100% satisfaction. For me, the challenge is to meet all the needs of the client. The first and most important quality that a professional must possess is patience. If you have patience, you can do everything else with ease. I believe that I gain the trust of clients when I am well informed and able to answer all questions related to the procedures we offer. For me, Beauty is part of self-expression.
-says Stefaniya Ivanova.
“Beauty is part of self-expression.”