Nadia Toshkova

Nadia Toshkova



My name is Nadia Toshkova and I have over 10 years of experience working with clients. Over the years, I have handled a variety of responsibilities and duties. I know how to organize the work process and find an individual approach to each client.

The positions I have held have always been related to communication and customer service, which somehow naturally led to my current position. I want to get to know new ways of working in teams, in which I could expand my knowledge, as well as contributed to the benefits and development of the clinic.

I haven’t encountered any challenges so far. I like my work, I handle everything with pleasure. I do my best and take it easy. I have never seen challenges as an obstacle, on the contrary I see them as an opportunity that I can learn and grow from. This helps me develop skills and become more confident. If I encounter a difficulty, I try to find a solution by staying calm and positive. Calmness helps me to analyze the situation and find solutions for the ones I am facing.

One of the fastest ways to build trust is by giving a lot of utility to the person opposite you. Customers want to feel that their needs are taken care of, and they want to know that you are helping them solve their problems. When there is trust and business is going.

Beauty is one of the powers that rule the world!