CACI – Electromagnetic Stimulation

Have you ever done a workout for your face? Just as the muscles of your whole body can be tight and beautiful if you exercise them regularly, training your facial muscles makes them tighter and reduces the signs of aging. The CACI procedure aims to do just that – a workout for your facial muscles.

What is CACI?

The Microcurrent Stimulation procedure works by delivering weak electrical impulses that reflect the body’s natural biological field. As a result, the muscles of the face contract and relax, which leads to their “training”, and the feeling you feel during the procedure is a slight tingling sensation.

The procedure was originally developed to treat facial paralysis 70 years ago. Today, it is used for both the face and the rest of the body. The therapy is also effective in physiotherapy for pain control and hospitals for wound healing.

How does the procedure go?

At the beginning of the procedure, a specialist applies a conductive gel to your face. This type of gel is also used for ultrasound scanning because it allows the distribution of electrical pulses.

The specialist then uses soft nozzles or other attachments that transmit microcurrent impulses to the face. These attachments communicate with each other and distribute the current back and forth on the facial muscles.

During the procedure, all 32 facial muscles are stimulated.

What is the effect of the procedure?

After undergoing a course of treatment with CACI:
– The skin looks thicker and firmer;
– The contour of the face is well-formed;
– The size and depth of wrinkles are reduced.

Additional Information:

– The effect of the procedure is visible after the first therapy;
– However, for optimal results it is best to do a course of 12 treatments;
– After the procedure the skin does not become photosensitive and there is no need to apply sunscreen;
– After the procedure, you can continue your daily life without the need for special skincare.