HIFU Face Procedures

If you are interested in cosmetic procedures for skin rejuvenation, then you have probably heard of HIFU. But what is it? What are the benefits of it? How does the procedure itself work?

What is a HIFU procedure?

High-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) is a relatively new method of tightening the skin. Some consider it a non-invasive and painless substitute for facelifts. The procedure uses ultrasonic energy to promote collagen production, which results in thicker, healthier, and smoother skin.

The procedure can also be used to tighten and contour the body.

The HIFU facial procedure uses focused ultrasound energy to treat the layers of skin just below the surface. Ultrasonic energy causes the tissue to heat up.

Once the cells in the target area reach a certain temperature, they suffer cell damage. Although this may seem counterintuitive, the damage stimulates the cells to produce more collagen – a protein that provides skin structure.

The increase in collagen leads to firmer, denser skin with fewer wrinkles. Because high-frequency ultrasound rays are focused on a specific tissue location below the surface of the skin, there is no damage to the upper layers of the skin and the surrounding problem.

The HIFU device

The HIFU procedure is possible thanks to the HIFU device. Its main function is to emit high energy, which can penetrate to a selected depth in the tissue. This leads to an increase in temperature (between 60 ° and 90 ° C).
The effect of the procedure with this device lasts 2 to 3 months and leads to visible results such as:

  • Destruction and elimination of fat cells from adipose tissue (weight loss);
  • Tightening of the subcutaneous tissues;
  • Restoration of skin firmness;
  • Greater skin density.

What is the effect of the HIFU procedure?

If you are wondering whether to undergo the procedure, it is good to know that HIFU has many aesthetic advantages, including:

  • Reduces the depth of wrinkles;
  • Tightens sagging skin on the neck;
  • Raises cheeks, eyebrows, and eyelids;
  • Contours the jaw;
  • Tightens the skin of the décolleté;
  • Smoothes the skin.

Who is the procedure suitable for?

Although the procedure has a great effect, it may not be suitable for everyone. Most often, it is applied to people over the age of 30 and light to moderately sagging skin.

People with photodamaged skin or highly mature skin may need several treatments before seeing results.

Elderly people with more extensive photoaging, aged skin, or very sagging neck skin are not good candidates for a HIFU procedure.

Is the procedure painful?

You may experience slight discomfort during the HIFU procedure. Some people describe it as small electrical impulses or a slight prickly sensation.

Immediately after treatment, you may experience slight redness or swelling that will gradually subside over the next few hours.

How does the procedure work?

No special training is required to undergo HIFU. All you have to do is remove all cosmetic products from your skin.
Here’s what to expect during the procedure:

  • The specialist cleans the area to be treated;
  • If desired, a local anesthetic cream can be applied;
  • The specialist applies ultrasound gel;
  • The HIFU is placed on the skin;
  • Apply the correct settings for your skin type;
  • The application of short pulses on the target area for 30 to 90 minutes begins;

Immediately after the procedure you can go home and resume your daily activities.

Additional Information:

For best results, we recommend that after the procedure, the treated area be supported with a tight elastic bandage.