Beautiful, well-shaped toenails. The ability to wear sandals with confidence and without worries. This will bring you a well-done pedicure.

But while some women think it’s only necessary in the summer when our feet are on display, it’s good to know that a pedicure is much more than that.

Pedicure helps to clean and moisturize your feet, and also provides nail care. With that in mind, it’s good to know that a regular visit to a pedicure salon is a must, as it has many and varied benefits.

Why do a regular pedicure with a specialist?

Reduction of the risk of infections
When a pedicurist works on your feet, he must clean, cut and straighten your nails. This helps reduce the risk of any infections due to the growth of toenails It also removes dirt and bacteria, limiting foot odor and fungal growth.

Helps get rid of dead skin cells
Peeling is an important part of a pedicure that helps you get rid of dead skin cells, making the skin smoother and more attractive. It also helps prevent cell build-up, causing calluses that can be painful.

Deals with cracks in the heels
Many people suffer from blisters, cracks and other problems because their feet are dry and not wet. Regular pedicures help retain the moisture your feet need.

Helps relieve stress
Soaking your feet in warm water after a long day of work helps you relax, and when this is followed by a pedicure done by a professional, it helps to relieve stress and tension.

Promotes blood circulation
Foot massage is a vital part of a pedicure that increases blood circulation and relieves tension in the calves and feet.

Book your pedicure class with us and ensure relaxation for yourself and health for your feet!